Stephen Whetstone, L'92

Stephen Whetstone and his family

For Stephen Whetstone, L'92, law school was the natural next step in his career. While working alongside advocates and lawyers at the Massachusetts Legislature, he marveled at their subject matter knowledge and keen analytical reasoning. "I wanted to improve and hone both skills," Stephen says. He was drawn to Northeastern's School of Law for its collaborative environment and emphasis on educating lawyers who make a positive difference for their clients, community, and society.

Launching his career as a litigator at two global law firms and ultimately finding his niche building business solutions, Stephen credits co-op with preparing him for professional accomplishment. "The law school taught me legal skills and allowed me to test them, real time, in the real world," he says.

Grateful to Northeastern, Stephen and his family established a charitable remainder trust at the law school because "we wanted to give back to a school and community that's given me so much." Their investment will help students benefit from the Cooperative Legal Education Program that makes Northeastern a leader in experiential legal training. Stephen sums it up perfectly, "I never go to sleep wondering if the school is on the right side of a critical legal, social or political issue. For me, it's a given."