Herb Gray, P'55: A Prescription for Success

Herb Gray

Herb Gray, P'55

Herb Gray, P'55, always knew he wanted to have his own business and work for himself. That meant tapping into his strong entrepreneurial drive and choosing the right area of study to achieve it. He chose pharmacy and began his studies at the New England School of Pharmacy, which eventually became part of Northeastern University. This was a stepping stone for Gray in achieving his goal of becoming an independent businessman. After graduation he worked at several pharmacies in Massachusetts and enjoyed meeting and interacting with the customers, and he knew he wanted to improve the lives of others. With his friend and classmate Mel Aronson, P'56, he began a successful home health care products business.

Gray's success has offered him the opportunity to give back to the university, and he believes that future students are what Northeastern is all about. Recognizing that the interdisciplinary environment of Northeastern is a key factor in his appreciation for the pharmacy program, Herb explains, "There are not too many pharmacy schools that have the ability and opportunity for students to collaborate with liberal arts majors, engineers, or business majors."

In retirement Gray has been a committed volunteer at a local hospital in Florida, where he has kept his Northeastern connection alive by mentoring co-op students. He explains, "I love meeting new co-op students. They are the future leaders of the industry, and I'm impressed with their level of knowledge and dedication to the practice."

To support future generations of pharmacy students, Gray and his wife created the Herbert P. and Marylou Gray Scholarship. Through a gift in their will, a charitable gift annuity, and an IRA charitable rollover, the Grays are accomplishing their philanthropic and financial goals. They are ensuring the success of students while earning secure income through a charitable gift annuity and making a tax-efficient gift that counts towards their required minimum distribution through an IRA charitable rollover.

"Before you invest in something, you need to know it will last," Gray says. "You can feel confident about this university."