A Pillar of Many Communities

Nancy Caruso

Nancy Caruso

Friend to many, fierce advocate, ardent mentor, renowned educator, passionate pioneer, and Boston community leader, Dr. Nancy J. Caruso remains a pillar in every community she touched—and the Northeastern community is no different. Dr. Caruso not only received an undergraduate degree at the universiy’s school of business and a master’s from the College of Professional Studies, but she was also awarded an honorary doctorate for her transformative community service efforts.

Serving others was an integral part of Dr. Caruso’s life. She brought together Bostonians to support the Big Dig, as well as provided more internship and professional development opportunities by acting as the president of The Publicity Club of New England and the Cooperative Education & Internship Association. She also elevated women through her philanthropic giving to Rosie’s Place, the first women’s shelter in the United States, which provides a safe and nurturing environment to those in need.

In true Northeastern fashion, Dr. Caruso was forever expanding her experiences and enriching herself with knowledge. Her time with Northeastern encompassed so much more than academics—it included an appointment as the first female coordinator of the co-op education department and the first female president of the university’s alumni association, paving the way for the future generation of women in the Northeastern community. She was also a Northeastern professor and created the Nancy J. Caruso Scholarship Fund, giving recipients unforgettable education and experience they otherwise might not have.

Dr. Caruso exudes everything it means to be a member of Northeastern’s vibrant and inclusive community and is the pinnacle of a university donor. She was gracious, committed, and determined to leave behind an extraordinary legacy. Through her leadership—in and out of the classroom—and generous giving, she paved the way for future generations of Huskies to make their mark.