Fred Hunt, BA'71: Investing In the Future with a Charitable Gift Annuity

Fred Hunt and Mary MacVey

Fred Hunt BA'71 and Mary MacVey

Growing up in Worcester with three siblings and not a lot of extra money for college, Fred Hunt, BA'71, worked his way through college in order to get an education. It was Northeastern's co-op program that allowed him to attend school and obtain a degree in business administration.

For Fred, co-op was more than a means to pay for his education—it also helped him discover his professional interests. He learned practical business practices, strategy, and corporate decorum while on co-op in the insurance industry.

Fred shares, "Northeastern allowed me to mature, become more worldly, and increase my self-confidence." In gratitude, Fred and his wife Mary MacVey established a charitable gift annuity to ensure that future students will benefit from a Northeastern education.

After graduation Fred spent two years in the military, gaining real-world people management experience as an officer. Following his service, he wanted to embark on a career that would incorporate the business skills he acquired at Northeastern and the interpersonal skills he developed in the military. Combined with his MBA from Babson College, Fred built a successful career in human resources.

Fred explains, "An annuity is a great retirement tool because it provides dependable regular income, and at the end supports the university." Like Fred and Mary, you can create your Northeastern legacy by designating your gift to the college or program of your choice.