Amy Stephson, L'77

Amy Stephson

When Amy Stephson, L'77, reflects on her initial interest in law, she remembers one thing: her fervent desire to improve the world by helping others in need. Believing deeply in the law's ability to generate change, she enrolled in Northeastern's School of Law in 1974.

For Amy, the school's cooperative learning program stands out most during her years as a student. She had the opportunity to practice at firms in Vermont and Anchorage—where she worked on a contract to provide pre-paid legal services to the Teamsters working on the Alaska pipeline—and at two legal services offices in the Boston area. These diverse experiences helped shape Amy's career and influence her professional pursuits.

Today, a practicing attorney with nearly 35 years of legal experience as well as a certified professional coach who provides workplace and business training, Amy gives her law school education much of the credit for her career path. "NUSL taught me to be resourceful and look beyond the routine career options that many lawyers chose," she says. "It also taught me that each of us could create our own vision of a career and work to make it a reality."

Inspired by the law school's mission and motivated to ensure that future students have the opportunity to attend Northeastern, Amy decided to support her alma mater by including NUSL in her estate plans. She shares, "Northeastern trains students to be thoughtful, skilled lawyers and to heal and repair the world—in part through cooperative legal education. This is why I have named the law school as a beneficiary of my estate."

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