Nohemi Moctezuma, SSH'15

Nohemi Moctezuma

For Nohemi Moctezuma, SSH'15, a college education was a dream. She would be the first in her family to attend college—but how would she do it? At Northeastern, generous gifts to the Torch Scholars Program make it possible for first-generation college students to achieve their dream of an education. "I'm the first college graduate in my family, thanks to Northeastern supporters who funded my Torch Scholarship," Nohemi says.

The late Albert W. Tenney Jr. was one of those supporters. His own journey did not start as a student at Northeastern but as the highly successful owner of a janitorial services company that serviced the university for more than 40 years. Although known as a private person, Tenney valued his working relationships, and he developed many friendships at Northeastern.

A bright and well-educated man himself, he firmly believed that education was the key to life. Through a gift in his will, Tenney established The Albert W. Tenney Scholarship to benefit the Torch Scholars Program. His gift not only offers deserving first-generation students the opportunity to explore their passions and expand their global horizons, but also ensures that his legacy will continue on.

Moctezuma is grateful for Tenney's generosity. "Like Torch, Mr. Tenney saw strengths in young people they may not know they have," she adds. "Torch helps us find our path in the world."